Protecting the Galapagos with Angermeyer Cruises

WildAid is pleased to announce a new partnership with Angermeyer Cruises/ Andando Tours to protect the Galapagos marine environment, allowing visitors to be part of the solution to the Archipelago’s growing problems.

WildAid and Angermeyer Cruises/ Andando Tours have teamed up to create the Galapagos Conservation Fund to help stop some of the greatest threats to the Galapagos Islands: illegal fishing and the threat of invasive species. In a bold demonstration of commitment, Angermeyer Cruises has renamed their 173-foot luxury yacht to “WildAid’s Passion for Galapagos” and will make a $100 donation to the fund for every passenger that books a cruise on M/Y WildAid’s Passion. Besides encouraging guests to contribute, Angermeyer Cruises will also donate all proceeds from a one-week charter to the fund annually.

WildAid CEO Peter Knights comments, “We applaud Angermeyer Cruises and are delighted to partner with such a progressive operator who understands that investing in conservation equates to a win-win situation for both wildlife and tourism.”

Angermeyer Cruises/ Andando Tours has more than 30 years of experience in Galapagos Islands travel and is a world-class tourism operation that understands that conservation is good for business, maintaining both high standards and environmental consciousness through the years.

Visitors to the Galapagos enjoying
the scenery (Angermeyer Cruises)

Fiddi Angermeyer, CEO of Angermeyer Cruises, states, “We believe that visitors to the Galapagos have both a privilege and a responsibility to help protect these marine ecosystems. WildAid is a natural partner as they make practical investments where they are needed most.” All proceeds from the fund will support WildAid’s programs in the Galapagos.

Since 2002, WildAid has prevented illegal fishing, which threatens the livelihood of the community, the sustainability of fish stocks, and the health of marine ecosystems in the Galapagos. Together with the Galapagos National Park Service and Navy, WildAid integrates electronic surveillance technology to monitor the reserve, trains park rangers annually, and works with the government to enact stronger regulations to combat illegal fishing in Ecuador.

WildAid also supports the Galapagos Biosecurity Agency via investments in training, equipment and awareness campaigns that all help to prevent the introduction of invasive species and enact effective quarantine measures once they have been identified.

Donate to the Galapagos Conservation Fund today to protect endangered sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and more than 3,000 marine species from illegal fishing and invasive species.