In support of the Marine Action Partnership, the innovative new BAH WildTip app will help protect wildlife and natural resources.

The Bahamas, in collaboration with WildAid, launched a new app to help residents and visitors of the Bahamas submit anonymous tips from their smartphones with a customized app.

Developed by tip411, the BAH WildTip app puts a powerful new tool into the hands of community members of all ages.  The BAH WildTip app is available for free download via the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

“Our mission is to strengthen law enforcement patrol, detection, and investigative efforts so that conservation goals can be met, and provide lasting benefits for endangered wildlife, marine ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal communities,” said Emily Owen of WildAid.  “With this new app, the community can more easily partner with the government to protect its heritage and iconic species of The Bahamas.”

According to the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF), the agency is mandated with safeguarding more than 100,000 square miles of land and sea that constitute the archipelago of the Bahamas. RBDF Captain Bethel says “This is no easy task, and we depend heavily on our partnerships with regional and national agencies, as well as our collaboration with non-government organizations and local communities in the Bahamas. With the support we receive from the various islands, we can carry out our mission more effectively. The tip411 app is just one example of how the RBDF remains at the forefront of technology while demonstrating the significance of community support and cooperation. We anticipate excellent results from the app addressing poaching challenges, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with the local community in combating illicit activities on the high seas.”

“The BAH WildTip app will greatly improve the public’s ability to help protect wildlife,” said tip411 President Terry Halsch.  “We’ve listened to feedback from partners large and small and have continued to evolve our products to make sure they are working to better promote safety and protect natural resources.”

The BAH WildTip app tip system is 100% anonymous, as the technology removes all identifying information before police see the tips and there is no way to identify the sender.

Download BAH WildTip:


About tip411:
tip411 is a digital toolset for law enforcement, schools, and community groups that features innovative smartphone apps, anonymous text tips, group alerting, and secure social media publishing tools.  tip411 helps agencies engage community members of all ages by enabling residents to share anonymous tips that can be responded to in real-time by authorized personnel inside an agency or organization.  Learn more at or by following @tip411CO on Twitter.