About Us

Our Mission

WildAid Marine designs and applies effective enforcement solutions to deter illegal fishing and strengthen the protection of priority marine areas.

Our Vision

We imagine abundant, healthy oceans where wildlife is safe from poaching and coastal communities thrive.

BLUEPRINT for Marine Protection

We have pioneered a highly effective, six-step approach for deterring illegal fishing and strengthening the protection and enforcement of priority marine areas, including marine protected areas and fisheries.

Meet Our Team

WildAid Marine is comprised of a team of technical experts who work collaboratively with on-the-ground partners to strengthen marine enforcement.

We Believe in the Power of Collaboration

For 20 years, WildAid Marine has worked to bring meaningful enforcement to priority marine areas and fisheries worldwide through close partnerships with in-country allies.

About WildAid

WildAid Marine is a program of WildAid, Inc. focused on designing and applying effective enforcement solutions to deter illegal fishing and strengthen the protection of priority marine areas for the benefit of endangered wildlife, marine ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal communities. 

WildAid, Inc. is an internationally recognized wildlife conservation organization, working to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and protect wildlife in their habitats by defending fragile marine reserves and national parks from poaching and reducing climate change impacts.

All contributions made to WildAid Marine will be used to support our marine enforcement and conservation work.