We Are Working to Make Marine Protected Areas More Effective.

With 20 years of on-the-ground experience guiding us, we pioneered a six-step process, the BLUEPRINT for Marine Protected Area Success™, for building effective, well-enforced marine protected areas.

Marine protected areas (MPAs) – like national parks on land – set aside dedicated coastal and marine environments for conservation. By protecting these special places, we can help our oceans, and the wildlife and people who depend on them, to thrive.

Our Projects

The places we work are extraordinary – home to one-of-a-kind marine environments, countless endangered species, and communities that depend on our oceans for food and livelihoods.

Meaningful Results at a Global Scale


The number of MPAs where we currently work.


For every ranger we train, we see an average of 5x amplification as they share their expertise with their team and other rangers through regional peer exchanges.


Through our work, we have helped to improve protections for more than 8,500 marine species.

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