Thoughts from the Jackson Wild Living Oceans Summit

October 4, 2019; By Molly Shane, Marine Program Coordinator

Last week, the WildAid Marine team joined hundreds of other conservationists, filmmakers, scientists, and creators at the Jackson Wild Summit in Jackson Hole, WY, to inspire action to protect our oceans. For more than 25 years, Jackson Wild has convened participants from around the world to foster collaboration and leverage media as a tool to protect and preserve our planet.

WildAid Marine is honored to have been invited to contribute to the conversation around this year’s conservation focus, ‘Living Oceans.’ Meaghan Brosnan, WildAid Marine Program Director, was a speaker on the “Feeding the Planet: Fishing for Solutions” panel and shares her reflections on the Summit below.

Dear friends of WildAid Marine,

Last week, I was honored to speak at the Jackson Wild Living Oceans Summit. It was empowering to be amidst such a diverse group of smart, passionate individuals fighting for the protection and health of our oceans.

The Jackson Wild Summit is designed to nurture partnerships and ensure mentoring for the next generation of conservationists and storytellers. Over two days, the Summit covered everything from the deep sea to ocean noise pollution to illegal fishing. Each panelist offered new facts and perspectives, but also echoed each other’s messages of hope and the importance of cross-sector partnerships for conservation success. These discussions reminded me of the wealth of knowledge and creativity we already possess to address the challenges facing our oceans.

To read the rest of Meaghan’s reflections Click Here.

To watch Meaghan’s presentation from Jackson Wild, click below. Meaghan’s comments begin at 3:30.

With the support of the Galapagos Conservation Fund, Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic, the Paul M. Angell Foundation, and the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, WildAid Marine has been working with the Galapagos National Park Service to strengthen enforcement of the Galapagos Marine Reserve.