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Photography Credits

Kristin Hettermann is recognized for her underwater and adventure travel photography and creating awareness for important environmental and social causes. A self-taught photographer, Kristin’s OCEANSCAPES is the culmination of her areas of talent, passion, experience, and expertise. Attending one of the top magnet high schools in the United States for science and technology, it was during these formative years that she discovered her interest in oceanography and natural sciences. A Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia inspired her to travel and see the world, forging deeper connections to people, arts, and the depth of global culture. As her career progressed, she spent over fifteen years in the fields of public relations, brand development, communications, and non-profit consulting, drawn to helping people build and launch important initiatives and committed to social and environmental good. Inherently creative, being an artist and photographer has always supported her soul’s most inspired work.

Kristin has generously donated the use of select photography to benefit WildAid Marine.